About Nepali Workers

Over the past one and a half decade, an increasing number of employers from overseas countries are showing their keen interest in hiring Nepali workers to cope with the increasing requirements of manpower in their countries. Most of them diverted attention from their original labor supplying countries towards Nepal. Why Nepali Workers? Nepali workers are calm and extremely loyal to their employers and they are devoted to their duties only. The fact that Nepalese people are committed can not be denied because of which countries especially the Middle East Asian countries have shifted their interest towards Nepalese manpower by recruiting them in different categories. The reason could definitely be the honesty, hard work, loyalty, discipline and above all commitment of Nepalese people towards their duties and responsibilities. Nepali workers have experience in working in the extreme climatic conditions. Nepali workers are laborious and sustain their working capability even in the most arduous conditions. Human resources in Nepal are comparatively cost effective and hiring Nepali workers costs lower as compared to hiring workers in their countries. The employers have the advantage of choice due to availability of various types of workers. All categories of worker such as professional, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled almost in all fields are readily available for immediate placement. Nepal is situated very close to the labor importing countries and have air link with almost all the major cities of the world. Nepali workers discharge their duties relentlessly, without hitch and without any kind of discontent. The government procedure and formalities in Nepal are comparatively simple.